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La Bebe™ Boutique Lingerie Eco Art.24399 Glorious Gardenia Maternity Bra


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Pieejami Izmēri: 75 ABCD, 80BCD, 85 BCD, 90 BCD

Pieejami Izmēri: 75 ABCD, 80BCD, 85 BCD, 90 BCD

Indulge your feminine side with this new La bébé Boutique Lingerie  range. A deep blush pink base fabric and simple yet elegant embroidery form the cups. Antique cream lace overlaps the upper cup and frills out on the bottom edge of the bra, while little rose buds finish off this charming design.

  • Soft Cup Maternity Bra
  • Soft comfy cotton lining
  • Drop cups with full A-frame and easy open clips
  • 2 or 3 hook, 3 position fastening
Store Size Quantity
Prūšu iela 4 75C 1 pcs.
Rencēnu 10A 85E 3 pcs.
Rencēnu 10A 80E 1 pcs.
Rencēnu 10A 90E 1 pcs.
Rencēnu 10A 75D 1 pcs.
Rencēnu 10A 75C 2 pcs.
Rencēnu 10A 80B 1 pcs.
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